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GOOD Hemp Foods range with GOOD Hemp Oil, Mayonnaises & Dressings

Introducing GOOD HEMP SEED OIL. Finally! The Ideal Culinary oil. Mildly flavorful, versatile as a cooking oil or as an addition to dressings and sauces, and great for your health. GOOD HEMP OIL, MAYONNAISEs & DRESSINGs are NOW AVAILABLE in the U.S - Find out more about why you and your family should be buying it!

GOOD Hemp food - GOOD Hemp Seed Oil, Mayonnaises & Dressings. GOOD HEMP Seed oil has 2.5g of Omega 3 & 450mg of Omega 6 GLA, Zero transfats and 28% less saturated fat than Olive Oil per serving.

Just so you know, GOOD Hemp products contain 0.00% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They will not cause a false positive drug or a psychoactive effect.

GOOD Hemp Oil & Mayonnaise & Dressing

Hemp OIL

Britsh Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil
Rich in Omega 3
Half the Saturated Fat of Olive Oil
Source of Omega 6 GLA


3 Delicious Dressings
Honey&Mustard, Caesar or Balsamic
Made with GOOD Hemp Seed OIL - hemp oil
Rich in Omega 3


2 Delicious home made tasting Mayonnaises
made with GOOD OIL,
our British hemp seed oil
Rich in Omega 3

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GOOD HEMP OIL is seriously GOOD for the Environment
Find out How

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  GOOD Hemp Products and GOOD OIL Hemp Seed Oil are approved by the Vegan Society The GOOD Hemp Products (Oil, Mayonnaises & Dressings) are Vegetarian Approved
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